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Natural Liquid Detergent - All Natural - 750 ml

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A natural and scent-free detergent, perfect for washing delicate materials like wool and silk, also cotton and lingerie, even at low temperatures. Fully biodegradable, with no fossils, enzymes, animal ingredients, bleach, or dyes. Certified by Bra Miljöval. Made in Västergötland, in Southwestern Sweden, and comes in a bottle made from recycled PET with a measuring cup made from recycled plastic.

- 750 ml
- Dosage: 30 ml per load
- Highly concentrated (18-25 washes)
- Increase dosage slightly with heavily unclean laundry
- Think about the environment. Do not overdose and wash with a well-filled machine
- Content of declaration: 10-15% nonionic surfactants, <5% anionic surfactant, complexing agents